A Guide To Choosing A Fencing Contractor

15 February 2022
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A fencing contractor is a must-have if you need a new fence or you need to repair your old fence. Finding a suitable contractor for your project can be nerve-wracking at times. Below are some examples of what to look for in a fencing contractor. 


Some Australian states compel homeowners to hire licenced fencing contractors when installing or repairing their fences. Therefore, you must ensure that your fencing contractor has a valid licence from the local council. Besides this, check whether the contractor belongs to a professional association. It might not seem important at first, but hiring a contractor affiliated with professional associations has various benefits. For starters, the associations require their members to follow a strict code of conduct and acquaint themselves with the latest fencing technologies and safety measures. Therefore, you are confident that the contractor will conduct quality work. If they do not, you can seek help from the professional association. 


The rule of thumb is that the fencing contractor should be experienced in installing and repairing your preferred fence. Besides, they should have working relationships with distributors and manufacturers. Besides, they could have insider details regarding upcoming products and the possibility of customisation. 

Project Estimates 

Most clients will ask the fencing contractor to give an instant estimate. However, this is difficult since there is a wide range of factors that influence the fencing costs. As such, you should invite the contractor to your home to ensure that they have a comprehensive understanding of the scope of work. During the inspection, the contractor can give recommendations that can help improve the durability or appearance of the fence. For instance, they could recommend lattices while installing an aluminium fence or pressure-treated wood while installing a wooden fence. 

Besides the size and design of the fence, the contractor will also check the location of utilities to know if they need to move water, gas or drainage lines when installing the fence. Factors such as the slope of the landscape and additional features such as gates and lighting will also influence the fencing costs. Nonetheless, the contractor should provide a detailed quote that breaks down the costs of buying the fence, the installation fees and additional charges. It helps you bargain reasonably and develop cost-saving measures. For instance, if you are on a budget, the contractor could ask you to purchase a used fence and refurbish and repaint it at the site to give it a new look. 

When hiring a fencing contractor, examine their licencing, specialisation and project estimates. For more information, contact a fencing contractor near you.