Benefits of Aluminium Slat Fencing for Privacy

22 August 2022
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Privacy fences traditionally are made from wood slats. These slats are placed in vertical directions to create a fence wall of privacy. There are several issues with traditional wood fencing, including maintenance and lifespan of the wood. If you are considering a privacy fence that is easy to maintain and can offer several benefits, consider aluminium slat fencing. Here are some reasons why. 

Easy Maintenance

Aluminium fencing does not take special chemicals or methods to clean. In many cases, the aluminium slat is powder coated or has a layer of protection sprayed directly on it. This layer allows you to use simple soap and water mixtures to clean the fencing slats. If you notice any mildew on the slats, you can use general cleaners from an area supermarket to clean the slat. The slats also take very little scrubbing to maintain. This means you can maintain the same look you had on the first day of installation. 

Wood Rot

Wood rot is a critical issue that faces wood privacy fencing. The wood rot can be caused by diminishing water seals allowing exposure to the fencing. It can also be caused by extreme weather conditions, heavy rains and even snow. Once the rot has set in, the fencing panels will need to be replaced. In some cases, the rot has taken over so much of the fencing it needs a complete replacement. With aluminium slat fencing, you do not have this issue. Also, if one slat does become damaged, you can have just that slat removed without the worry of damage or issues to the other slats. 


You may believe that an aluminium slat fencing would not provide the same privacy as a wood privacy fence. An aluminium slat fencing can be placed according to your needs. You can have a large gap, a small gap or no gap between the slats. This gives you the ideal level of privacy for your property and personal needs. You can also have the slats placed horizontally, vertically or staggered. 

Aluminium slat fencing can provide you with privacy, easy maintenance and a long durable lifespan. If you think this option would be ideal for you, contact your area fencing contractor. They can help you narrow down your choices. Once you decide on the fencing, the contractor will schedule an appointment to begin the installation. If you have any questions about your fencing choice, your fencing contractor can give you answers during the consultation appointment.

For more information on aluminium slat fencing, contact a professional near you.