The Advantages of a Metal Fence Versus Any Other Material

15 May 2017
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When you're ready to have a new residential fence installed around your property, you might consider metal versus wood, vinyl, or glass. Metal offers some great advantages over other materials when it comes to residential homes; note a few of those here so you can determine if this is the right choice for your home.


Aluminium is naturally resistant to rust and corrosion, and all metals are a poor host to termites, ants, and other pests. Metal can be powder coated, which gives it an added layer of protection from the elements and keeps it from corroding, and which eliminates the need for painting. Because of its strength, metal is not likely to warp, chip, or crack, and is also not likely to bend out of position or lose its shape. Wood fences, however, absorb moisture and eventually bow and warp or expand and shrink, and vinyl fences can become brittle and crack in cold weather.

Note, too, that metal fencing rarely needs cleaning; dirt and dust don't cling to the surface of metal very easily, so you won't typically have to wipe down a metal fence or use a pressure washer on the material, as you would with a wood, vinyl, or glass fence. This makes metal one of the most maintenance free options when it comes to residential fencing.


Steel is very heavy and may not be the right choice for a DIY installation job, but aluminium and chain link fencing are both very lightweight, and many homeowners can manage this installation on their own. Wood fences, however, may require an expert to install them, to ensure the slats are evenly aligned with one another, and glass panel fencing may also be too heavy for a homeowner to easily manage on their own. To save on installation costs, opt for a lightweight metal.


Wrought iron bars are very difficult to scale and climb, and metal panels offer your property privacy and security. A chain link fence with very small mesh may also be difficult to climb, and the smaller mesh cuts off the view into your property.

Wood slats, however, can be easily pried away from their posts, so an intruder can then make their way onto your property. Glass fences mean a full view of your property, allowing a potential intruder to see what they might steal and to note your everyday schedule. For maximum security around your property, choose metal fencing.