How to Add Some Unique Style to Your Home's Residential Fencing

12 July 2017
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If you're a homeowner, you may need a fence around your yard but don't want something that is drab and dull and that might actually detract from your property's overall appearance. You might also want a fence that is different than those in the neighbourhood, to add some unique and personal style to your space. Note a few suggestions for how to add that unique look to your home's residential fencing, without compromising security or the durability of the fence itself.

Wood fences

One way to make a wood fence unique is to use different-sized slats, as staggering wide and thin slats will keep the fence from seeming too uniform and industrial. Note, too, that wood fences are easy to paint, so you might consider a unique paint colour for your wood fence, such as black, slate grey  or a shade of green or blue. You might even want a distressed, rustic look for your wood fence; rubbing steel wool over a coat of stain can make the wood seem weathered, worn and very unique and attractive.

Stamped aluminium

When you think of a strong and durable metal fence, you may think of wrought iron or steel bars, but stamped or punched aluminium panels are very unique and very durable. Lightweight aluminium is easy for a metal fabricator to stamp, and the openings of the stamps can allow in sunlight and added air circulation. You can choose a certain pattern or picture for the stamping, or just have swirls or geometric shapes. If the panels seem a bit overwhelming or too industrial, set them between thick wood posts or beams to offset the look of the metal and add a natural, rustic look.

Poured rocks

If you want a solid wall around your property but prefer something rustic and natural, you might like a poured rock fence. This structure is created with a type of tall and thick wire mesh container, which is then filled with large rocks, each about the size of a closed fist.

The mesh leaves the rocks exposed, so you can enjoy the different shades and texture of the rocks. The smaller rocks that fill the mesh can also be a better choice for smaller properties, where a wall made of oversized stone can become very imposing. You can also create the mesh container in any size, so you can easily add wood posts between sections of rock or leave room for a gate or other accessory for your fence.