How to Add Some Unique and Personal Style to Your Property's Metal Fence

20 July 2017
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A wrought iron fence is a very secure choice for any residential property, as it doesn't provide much of a toehold for anyone looking to scale that fence, and it's difficult, if not impossible, for someone to cut through a metal fence with bolt cutters. A metal fence is also very durable, so it typically won't ever sag or lean, and won't need repainting or refinishing.

However, one drawback to a metal fence is that it might seem a bit industrial and imposing, or somewhat drab and plain. To avoid this, note a few tips on how to add some unique and personal style to your property's metal fence.

Shape of the bars

Iron and aluminium can easily be fabricated and shaped, so you don't need to settle for plain upright bars on a metal fence. Consider curved and scrolling vertical bars, horizontal as well as vertical bars to create random geometric shapes, or bars that crisscross to form a woven pattern.

Rounded bars can also be added; a line of circles at the top of the fence can soften the look of upright bars and create a more appealing style. Work with your fence installer to choose a style that suits your property, rather than having plain and dull upright bars.

Shape of fence

Another way to soften the look of a metal fence is to curve it along your property, rather than having it installed in a straight line. The bottom and top rails that hold the bars in place can be shaped and formed so that they curve slightly in certain areas, breaking up the look of the fence. You might work the fence around a tree or plant some flowers and vegetation in the curved areas, for even more visual appeal.


One advantage of a metal fence is that you can easily see through it, so it can easily display shrubbery or flowerbeds. You can also plant climbing vines at the base of the fence and loop them through the bars as they grow. Any such greenery will tone down the industrial look of the fence and may also provide some added privacy and sound insulation.

For shrubbery, consider lilac bushes or Weigela for colour and a nice fragrance, or any type of berry bushes for something unique. Grape leaves, morning glory, trumpet glory, wisteria, and climbing hydrangea are all good climbing vines for planting around your fence.