How to Dress Up a Residential Glass Fence

21 July 2017
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A glass fence is a great choice for any residential property, but especially around a pool or balcony, as glass can add security and safety without blocking your view of your children playing or of the surrounding landscape. One downside to glass fencing, however, is that it might seem a bit drab and dull. Note a few ways to dress up those glass panels and discuss these suggestions with your fencing contractor before you order your new fence.

Mix up the material

Glass fencing needs a base to hold those panels securely in the ground, and the panels are then connected to each other. Many glass fences come with metal posts and connectors, but you might consider a different material to add some unique style. This can include thick wood posts between the panels and a wood base to keep the fence secure. Add capitals to the posts; these are the oversized wood pieces you see at the top of columns, and these can give those posts a more grand, upscale look. Have the wood painted black for a very distinct look, or a crisp white for something clean and neutral.

Frosting and colour

While you may be choosing a glass fence because it doesn't obscure your view, adding a bit of well-placed frosting to the glass can make it more eye-catching. You might add a stripe of frosting along the bottom of the fence, or add small frosted vertical stripes to each panel. Opt for a very light colour for the frosting to keep the view unobscured, or choose a bold black if you want the frosting to stand out.

You might also consider coloured glass for your fence, if legally allowed by local building codes. A slight shade of blue can enhance a pool area, or choose a light green tint to enhance the view of nearby trees or other landscaping.

Etched glass

Etching can add depth to an otherwise dull glass panel, and make the glass itself something of a work of art. You might choose a geometric pattern that is very slight and doesn't interfere with the view through the glass, or choose something that works well with your surroundings. For example, if the view from your balcony is of a nearby city, you might have an etching of a cityscape added to the glass. If you live near a lake, the etching might include a heron in a pond. Etching choices are virtually endless, and this can make your glass fence uniquely your own.