3 Benefits of Opting for Glass Pool Fencing

24 July 2017
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If you have recently had a pool build on your property, you may be looking for ways to enclose the area. Glass fencing has become an increasingly popular option among Australian homeowners due to the advantages this type of fencing has over traditional timber options. Below is a guide to 3 benefits of installing glass fencing around your residential swimming pool.

Glass fencing helps to make your backyard look bigger

One of the major benefits of installing glass fencing on your property is that it helps to create a sense of space. Opaque fencing options which use timber or stone close off your pool area and create boundaries within a yard. These boundaries can detract from the aesthetic appeal of your property and make it seem much smaller than it actually is. A glass pool fence will allow you to retain an unobstructed view across your yard and will help to foster a sense of space and freedom.

Glass fencing allows you to keep an eye on your kids and pets

If you have children or pets, you will want to ensure they are safe whenever they are near or in the swimming pool. Of course, it is impossible for any parent or pet owner to be in two places simultaneously. If you have installed a traditional wooden or metal fence around your pool and you need to run inside to get something, you may find that you can no longer clearly see what is happening around the pool. This lack of vision could place your pet or child at risk of drowning. A glass fence will allow you to keep one eye on your children or your pets who are playing in or near the swimming pool while you are at a distance.

Glass fencing will suit any landscape

When considering which type of material to use for your pool fence, you will normally have to consider the landscape within the garden. For example, if your yard has been landscaped using a contemporary design, you may not be able to install a traditional wooden fence as this would look out of place. On the other hand, if you have landscaped your garden in a traditional English country design, you may not wish to place a metal pool fence in it as this would ruin the look of the yard. You can overcome these problems by opting for a glass fence. Because a glass fence is almost invisible, it will suit any landscape.

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