Answering a Few Questions About Chain Link Fencing for a Residential Property

24 July 2017
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Chain link fencing is very affordable, and it can usually be installed fairly quickly; even the fence needed for a large property may take no more than a day or so to be erected. Chain link fencing is also great for homes with pets, as dogs can't scratch and chip the material, as they can with wood fences. Chain link fences also won't show marks from paws or their wet noses, like glass or vinyl fencing might. If you're thinking of chain link fencing for your property, note a few commonly asked questions about this material and style, and this can help you determine if it's right for your yard.

Do steel chain link fences rust?

Steel that is used for a chain link fence will be coated in a material that keeps it from corroding, typically zinc. Zinc is not strong enough to be used itself for the fencing material, but it's very shiny and attractive and doesn't corrode. This makes it a good coating for metal fencing, as it won't add weight to the fence but will keep it from rusting. If you choose a steel chain link fence that is zinc coated, it should easily resist any signs of corrosion or rust.

How can you make them quieter?

If there is one drawback to a chain link fence, it's that it doesn't do much to protect your home from surrounding noise. However, you can choose a vinyl coated chain link fence, as the softer material of vinyl will absorb soundwaves and help keep your property quieter. Vinyl privacy slats that are put through the mesh of the fence can also reduce noise. If these options are too expensive for you, consider planting thick hedges along the fence, as these can actually insulate your home from noise.

Can you paint a chain link fence?

Metal fences of all sorts can be coated with colour, but it's best not to try to paint such a fence on your own. Metal fences are typically powder coated, not painted, as this powder coating adheres much better than any type of paint, even one meant for metal. Powder coating can also ensure that every crevice of the fence is covered with colour, and without streaks or globs of paint that might otherwise collect in the twisted areas of the links. If you want a colourful chain link fence, or a change of colour to a metal fence you already have, talk to your fencing contractor about your options for powder coating.