What to Look For Beyond Price When Deciding on a New Fence

24 July 2017
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Residential fences can become a bit expensive, but this doesn't mean that you should simply choose the cheapest fence material and design you can find and assume it will be the best option for your home. A fencing contractor will help you understand what to consider beyond price alone when shopping for a new fence. Note a few of those factors here and why they're so important when choosing a fence for your property.


If noise is a factor in your area, you don't want to select a cheap hurricane fence or any type of mesh fence; mesh, especially if it's very wide, does little to block noise. You also want to avoid a short fence, which will also do very little to insulate your home from noise.

A modular fence can be a good choice for blocking noise; these are made of fibre cement with an insulating polysterene core, and both materials will absorb soundwaves rather than letting them pass through. Exterior cladding for homes is often made of fibre cement, and wall insulation for timber-framed homes is made of this same polysterene core, so you know this type of fence will be strong and will offer lots of insulation against sound.


A solid wood panel fence can add privacy and security to your yard, but it might make a smaller space seem dark and closed-in. Break up wood panels with sections of frosted glass panes for something unique that will let in lots of light and open up the space.


Wrought iron bars can be very attractive, but if they're overly tall, they may stand out too much against a small yard. A tall glass fence can add security to your property, but it may also seem out of place around a small yard.

In the same way, a picket fence that only comes up to your knees may seem out of proportion for a large yard. Keep the pickets if you prefer, but choose a taller height that fits better with a large property.

Animals and pests

If you have pets or if there is a lot of wildlife in your area, avoid a glass fence, as it can easily show nose prints and paw prints. Animals can also jump on wire fences and cause them to sag and outright snap. If the area has been known for termite infestations, avoid wood fences! Opt for vinyl panels or a metal fence if you're concerned about animals and pests, so the fence doesn't get damaged and always looks its best.