Simple Tips for Creating a Unique Fencing Around Your Home

26 July 2017
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A fence around your residential property should look very attractive and uniquely your own, rather than just functioning to mark boundaries between neighbours. If you're not happy about the idea of having a boring and dull fence that might actually detract from your property, note a few simple tips for creating a unique-looking fence for your yard, and discuss these possibilities with your fence installer.

Floating panels

If you don't need a solid fence to keep in pets or children, you might consider floating panels. These are single panels of wood or wood slats that are not joined together, so the panels won't create a long, solid wall. You can stagger the panels so there are open spaces between them, and even place some in front of the others for a jagged and unique look. This can allow more light and air circulation into your backyard, provide privacy just in spots where it's needed and add lots of visual interest to the fence itself.


Consider using single wood posts to create a fence. Railway ties or other thick studs and beams can be lined up for a very rustic and natural look, and you might install these posts at various heights to keep the fence from seeming too uniform. Opt for very weathered posts if you want the fence to look as rustic and natural as possible, or add a glossy coating to the wood for a nice shine.

Unique colour

One advantage of a wood fence is that you can paint it virtually any colour you want, and this gives you the chance to create a space that is uniquely your own. While the outside of the fence should probably stay a neutral colour that blends well with the neighbourhood, consider how to use colour inside a wood fence to make it stand out. You might create a framed look by painting a dark colour around the edge of each section of fencing, with another colour inside that edge. You might paint the fence one colour and then add a thick horizontal stripe of a different colour across the middle of the fence. A unique colour on the fence can also help your landscaping and flowers to stand out. For example, a black wood fence can be a great choice behind white rosebushes, or a fence painted robin's egg blue might make your purple hydrangeas seem even bolder. Choose a fence colour that works well with your own yard and landscaping, and it will create a unique and personal space on your property