How to Add a Touch of Style to Your Home's Outdoor Fence

27 July 2017
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Your home's outdoor fence should do more than just tell you where to stop mowing; it should also add some style and personality to your property, creating a space that is relaxing and inviting, and uniquely your own. Unfortunately, many homeowners give little to no thought as to the overall look of a fence, and simply choose whatever material is cheapest or quickest to install. If you're looking for a few ideas on how to add that touch of style, note a few suggestions here, and then ask your fence installer or even a landscaper about how these might work on your property.


Even a chain link fence can look much more attractive if you add some greenery, and planting some creeping vines that grow through links or the mesh of a fence is a great way to do this. You can even add spots of greenery along the fence by adding a trellis in place of certain fence sections. Thick and hearty vines, such as hydrangea or honeysuckle, can grow around pickets of a wood fence, breaking up the look of the wood and creating an English cottage look.

Concrete walls

A concrete wall that serves as a fence can be smoothed down perfectly, giving the wall a manicured and modern look. Concrete can be painted any colour you choose, and you might also opt for small stripes to create the look of blocks, or to tone down the overall colour of the wall. If a tall concrete wall would seem too imposing for your entire yard, use it just in certain sections of the property, such as around a seating area where you want maximum privacy. You can then use horizontal wood slats to create other sections of the fence, to tone down the look of the wall.

Laser cut gates

Consider the gate of your fence and its appearance, as it may be the one part of your home's fence that is most noticeable to neighbours and visitors. A decorative laser cut gate can add lots of style, and can be made in virtually any pattern, such as a floral design, a geometric pattern, or just a random image. A laser cut gate not only adds style to the fence but it can also let in more light and air, so that even a solid concrete or stone wall doesn't make the backyard feel claustrophobic. You might even opt for laser cut panels that you can place along certain sections of your fence, to coordinate with the gate and make the entire fence seem coordinated and professionally designed.