Your Surprising Choices for a Secure Residential Fence

18 August 2017
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When you think about adding a secure fence to your property, you may assume that iron bars with pointed finials at the top are the best, or only, option. While these types of fences can be very secure, you might be surprised to learn that other styles and materials of fences can also improve your property's security. If an iron fence is not to your liking, note a few of those other choices here, so your outdoor area is secure but also a reflection of your own personality and style.

Mesh fences

A mesh fence with a very small mesh provides privacy, so a potential intruder cannot see into the yard and decide if they want to scale the fence. A smaller mesh also means no toehold for easy climbing. Opt for a tall mesh fence so the view is totally obscured, and so the fence will seem too imposing for a potential intruder.

Glass fence

A glass fence doesn't provide privacy, but it also doesn't provide toeholds! A very tall glass fence, such as you usually see around a tennis court, can be far too tall for anyone to scale, even with a ladder. If you need privacy, plant hedges in front of the fence to obscure the view.

Panel fences

A tall vinyl or wood panel fence also provides no toeholds, and these can be made to look like they're constructed with individual slats or pickets; a pointed tip to those faux pickets also makes it difficult for someone to scale the fence. A very tall panel fence can also be too imposing for someone to consider climbing, even with a ladder.

When considering this type of panel fence, avoid actual wood picket fences. Real pickets can often be pried away from their connectors, so an intruder can actually slide through the fence, without even needing to climb it.

Hurricane fences

Hurricane fences are often the least secure, as they provide a toehold for climbers. You can add vinyl security panels between the mesh to reduce this toehold, and use twisted, rather than bent or curved, wiring. This creates a type of barb at the top of the fence, making it difficult for someone to grab the top rail and climb the fence.

For even more security, add prickly shrubs in front of the fence, as this will make it very uncomfortable for someone to even attempt to climb it. A lightweight mesh may also tend to collapse under the weight of someone attempting to scale the fence, so they don't have a solid and secure footing.

Talk to a fencing contractor to find out more.