2 reasons to install an automatic gate when you're having new fencing fitted around your property

14 October 2018
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If a fence contractor will soon be fitting new fencing around your property's perimeters, you might want to ask them to install an automatic gate during the fitting process. Read on to find out why.

It can make exiting and entering your property much easier 

If your contractor installs a fencing system with a gate that can only be opened and closed manually, you might find the process of leaving and entering your property by car to be very frustrating. The reason for this is that in this situation, you will need to get out of your car, walk over to the gate, open it, get back into your vehicle and drive forward a little bit, before getting out once again in order to lock the gate behind you.

Whilst you might not mind performing this laborious task occasionally, having to do it every morning when you leave for work, and every evening when you arrive home, could become very irritating. Furthermore, if you ever find yourself running late for an important appointment, the time it takes for you to carry out this task could lead to you missing that appointment.

As such, if you typically leave and enter your property by car, then it is definitely worth having an automatic gate integrated into your new fencing system.

It could make your property more secure

If you want the fencing system that your contractor is going to install to make your property more secure, then it is a good idea to have an automatic gate incorporated into this system. The reason for this is as follows; a fence can certainly deter intruders, provided it is relatively tall and has some anti-climb features (such as spikes along the top of it).

However, a tall fence will only act as a deterrent, if it is attached to a secure gate. If you opt for a gate that can be manually locked and unlocked, there is a much greater chance that you or another member of your household will occasionally forget to lock it when leaving the property (particularly if you're in a rush). If or when this happens, an opportunistic thief could then simply open the unlocked gate and walk onto your property. In this situation, the presence of some tall fencing would have no impact on the thief's ability to gain entry to your home.

Conversely, if you ask your fence contractor to include an automatic gate, which closes and locks automatically, there is no risk of anyone accidentally leaving the gate open, and any thieves wandering onto the property.