Why Glass Fencing Would Be Ideal for Your Pool

15 January 2019
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If you are constructing a pool on your residence, undoubtedly you have contemplated the options available to you when it comes to ensuring that it is safe and secure. One of the solutions that homeowners will gravitate toward is the installation of fencing. Although vertical bar fences seem like an apt fit for any pool, glass is steadily becoming a popular trend with homeowners looking for a contemporary touch. The glass fence can be used in tandem with aluminium posts to create a cutting edge design on your property. Below are some of the reasons why glass pool fencing would make a great addition to your pool.

Low maintenance

Unlike having fencing made from hardwood or softwood that would require consistent care, glass does not need regular treating, staining, painting and finishing to keep it beautiful. This is especially convenient for your pool because it is constantly exposed to the weather elements. Timber would begin to gradually deteriorate due to the expansion and contraction that comes about from the exposure to moisture and changing temperatures. If you would like to decrease the pace of the weathering, you will be tasked with continuous maintenance, and this can be quite arduous to homeowners who do not have the time to engage in these activities. When you invest in glass fencing, all you would be tasked with is occasional cleaning and wiping them down to eliminate grime.

Resistant to corrosion

Another reason why glass fencing would make an ideal option for your pool is that you do not have to worry about rust. Some homeowners may choose to install steel fences in an attempt to evade the maintenance that comes with timber. Nevertheless, steel also requires a certain degree of maintenance and constant sealing to protect it from corroding. Neglecting these maintenance measures will result in a break in the sealant, and before you know it, your entire fencing will be overrun by rust. Not only is this unsightly, but it can also be hazardous in the event someone nicks themselves on the fence. Glass is typically used in tandem with aluminium, as this metal will stay corrosion-free despite being exposed to moisture.

Glass fences are innately strong

Some homeowners may have the preconceived notion that glass is too fragile to secure their pool area. The reality is the type of glass used for these applications is stronger than conventional annealed glass. Laminated glass is harder to break, and in the event that it does receive high impact, it will not shatter into dangerous shards. Instead, the glass stays in place until it is replaced.