Planning to Install Pool Fencing? Here Is a Brief Introductory Guide

14 May 2019
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Having a pool right in your property provides a refreshing space for you that is dedicated to fun and relaxation. A pool, however, can be dangerous if it is not secured. If you have pets, small kids or perhaps you are not such a good swimmer, it is critical to have a pool fence. Purchasing pool fencing is not like making a decision on perimeter fencing for your boundary line. Pool fencing has a set of different considerations to bear in mind if the fence is to be functional and secure. The following piece is a brief introductory guide on what you should have in mind when installing pool fencing on your property.

Interior vs perimeter fence

Once you decide on pool fence installation, the first question your contractors will ask you with whether you want an interior fence or a perimeter fence. The perimeter fence refers to the layout that spans the entire boundary line of your yard. In basic terms, the perimeter fence will function as your traditional boundary fence but with the added function of securing your pool too. An interior fence, on the other and, is built solely for your swimming pool. The fence is installed around the direct perimeter of your swimming pool. Both fences can be visually pleasing, but you should note that if there is the risk of kids or pets drowning, an interior fence will be the logical option.

Local and state regulations

The second consideration to have once you have chosen the type of fence profile that you want is the regulations that have been stipulated both by your local council and by your state. A few of the rules that have to be followed keenly when installing pool fencing is self-latching mechanisms, a compulsory height, the required distance from the pool itself and so on. Fortunately, your fencing contractors will be conversant with the regulations. Thus, to make this installation easier, it is best to leave it to the fence contractors. These professionals will ensure they meet all the requirements so that you do not have to pull down the fence because of not adhering to the regulations.

The right fence materials

After the profile of the fence and the regulations have been gone over, then it is time to pick supplies that will suit your preferences. If you are looking for an ornate feel for the pool fence, then you could choose intricately designed wrought iron fencing. This type of fencing also helps bolster your property value, just ensure you protect it from rust. Wrought iron is also great if you choose a perimeter profile for the fence. On the other hand, if you prefer a contemporary touch and want an interior profile, tempered glass pool fencing will be a great option for your swimming pool. 

With these considerations in mind, talk with a fence contractor about the type of pool fencing you would like for your home.