Guidelines to Follow When Installing an Automatic Gate

20 August 2020
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Your gate is the first line of defence that your home has against burglars and intruders. When you invest in a quality gate, you are assured that the people within your compound will be safe from burglars. At the same time, a good gate keeps your small children and pets within, which protects them from accidents, and the pets from wandering away from home.

Automatic gates are the latest option to consider. They are designed to either swing inward slide to the sides when you touch the remote sensor. If you are thinking about installing one, here are three guidelines that you will find very useful during the installation.

Pick the Ideal Location for the Gate

The exact spot where you place the gate will be very crucial in determining its usefulness. Ideally, you should place the gate a good distance away from the main road. This way, you will have space to allow you to turn into the driveway and wait for the gate to part before driving into the compound. Note that a properly functional automatic gate opens within seconds, which means that you only need a few metres from the main road to the location of the gate.

Even the Space Between the Posts

Another crucial consideration to make is the evenness of the space between the gate posts. To your eyes, it might seem as if the space between the posts is flat or even. However, when you use a string or the level used by professional builders, you might discover that space is not even and needs levelling. It is, therefore, advisable to even out that space. Remember the gate hangs a few inches from the ground for free movement, and if you make a mistake in the installation, you might end up with obstacles in the gate's path.

Choosing the Perfect Gate

The material, opening mechanism, size and brand of the gate are some qualities which determine how long and how well it will serve you. Take time and do comparative shopping. This will help you pick the perfect gate to secure your home. Note that some gates are remotely controlled while others have a sensor that sets it in motion when an object stands in front of it. Pick the most secure system for your needs.

These are the crucial considerations to make when installing your gate. Remember to hire a professional for the installation to enjoy excellent results.