Benefits of a Chain Link Fence

13 April 2021
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If you're looking for a fencing option for your front yard, you might consider a chain-link design. Here are several benefits you can expect to enjoy.


Chain link fencing provides an economical solution for a home. They consist of chain wire mesh within a framework of posts and rails. As well as saving on the materials, you'll save on installation costs, as contractors unroll the webbing and attach it to the frame. This process doesn't involve significant construction work like some chunky brick and cement fences do.


Chain mesh fencing creates a resilient barrier that can withstand diverse weather conditions. You can choose galvanised steel mesh with a zinc coating that inhibits rust formation. You can also install mesh encased in a shielding layer of PVC in different colours. The posts and rails can be powder coated — a process that fuses a hard paint layer over the metal for both decoration and protection.


You can customise a chain-link fence in numerous ways to suit your particular installation. You can select between different wire gauges or thicknesses. A lower number equals a thicker wire that may be more suited for high-security needs. For a home, you might want to select a mid-sized gauge, while for temporary fencing, you could choose a light mesh. Additionally, you can pick between various thicknesses and diameters of posts and rails.

To match the fence with the landscape, consider the colour options. They include silver, green, black, and brown. Thus, you can adjust both the strength and appearance of a chain-link fence.


These barriers are immensely secure because they don't have gaps between railings or underneath the structure where pets and small children can get through. Once you install a security gate, you can feel safe with dogs and young ones in the yard. You can also build the fence in varying heights, so if your dog loves to jump, you can construct an extra high wall.

Open Viewpoint

The weave of these barriers maintains an open viewpoint in a front garden. Your plants and foliage won't suffer from a lack of sunlight caused by a solid fence that leaves them in shadow. The yard will feel open and airy. A see-through barrier also helps secure your property, as intruders can't hide behind a privacy fence while breaking into your house. A passerby or neighbour could notice what's going on and call the police.